Not To Old To Do Body Combat

Linda – Contributer

My Love of Body Combat

Just under a year ago I started Body Combat at my local David Lloyd club. When I was in my 20’s I did a lot of Taekwondo and found that many of the classes at David Lloyd just didn’t inspire me. Body Combat is different – I love it! It takes me back to my taekwondo classes, all that punching and kicking. This is all done to great music. I don’t think my Korean instructor would have ever allowed music!

I may be 54 now but I still think I’m 25 and throw myself into the class with complete abandonment. I even have fighting gloves (pink ones of course). Last June I even did a 4 hour body combat marathon for the charity Anthony Nolan, much to the surprise of my 22 year old niece. I may have a few more aches and pains after the classes these days but I still enjoy the workout.

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