Not Too Old To Begin Gymnastics

Julie – Contributer

Read this inspiring story about Julie who at the age of 45 and with 2 young children took up the challenge and began Gymnastics.

Julie Gymnastics

I’m Julie and I’m 45 years old and have two children aged 7 and 5 years.
Three years ago, I decided to take up gymnastics – full artistic gymnastics. I’d been taking my children to a local club and I saw a poster for an adult’s session. I remember as a child enjoying cartwheels and being upside down and so I thought I’d give it a go.

I was a little nervous at the first session because I seemed to be the oldest person by a country mile and the others were very good. I’ve always kept myself fit but gymnastics is an entirely different level of workout. Once ‘tumble’ hit the TV screens there was a surge in older people coming to the session and I have now made some really good friends.

Earlier this year I actually competed at the British Gymnastics National Veterans competition in the novice section and I came second. I got to compete in the same arena as our Olympic gymnasts and be judged by our countries top judges.

I love the challenge of gymnastic, not just the physical but the huge mental aspect. When you achieve something like a cartwheel on the beam that is truly epic.

I’m fully believe that you are never too old and would urge anyone to try something new. If you want to give gymnastics a go then I would recommend it whole heartedly. It is such fun; you will feel like a child again and you will achieve things you wouldn’t think are even possible.

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