Not Too Old To Change Career

Linda – Contributer
I changed my career at 40 years old…graphic designer to massage therapist

After leaving school I became a graphic designer. I enjoyed this for many years until there was a recession and life became so much more difficult. I then moved onto working in a recruitment company which pushed me to my limits. Long hours, arrogant people and people who always wanted to blame someone else.

As a little outlet I went off and learnt massage over 6 weekends during the next 6 months. I hadn’t sat an exam since school but there I was sitting a written exam on anatomy and physiology at the age of 38. My health detriorated during the year of 1999 and when my doctor said that my job was making me ill then I knew it was time for a change. I handed my notice in the next day with no job to go to, but the relief was amazing.

I had no idea about starting my own company, so for the next 12 months I worked for a friend but that didn’t work out. I then made the decision to give massage a go. I had a part time job in a Vets while I was building up my business. In 2003, I went full time with my business. I’ve now been qualifed for 19 years and although I may not earn the big money that I used to, I’m certainly much happier and healthier. And I now look forward to going to work everyday.

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