Not Too Old To Learn To Swim

Magda – Contributer

Magda works as a beauty therapist in Beckenham and at the age of 32 she recently learned to swim. This is her story…

Magda Swimming

I had always thought I should learn to swim but always felt apprehensive. My husband and I booked a dream holiday to Mexico and I decided that I really did need to learn to swim so that I could enjoy more aspects of my holiday. I did make an effort to call a local pool about lessons and when they asked me to call back another time – I used it as another excuse to postpone that first step into the pool !

Then one day a client came in with a voucher for a free day at a local gym with a pool and ( knowing my story ) she was very excited to present it to me saying – ‘You can use. this to learn to swim ! ‘ Oh no ! Now I had NO excuse and also was now accountable to somebody as I didn’t want to let them down.

So off I went with my husband who decided he was going to teach me to swim ( mmmm was this really a good idea ? ) … I was very apprehensive and of course as expected there were a few awkward moments and even tears (!) THEN … as luck would have it my husband had to go and find his glasses only to find he had forgotten his combination on his locker – so in the 45 minutes that he took trying to sort his predicament out – I decided to just ‘get on with it’ so started to splash about and just get confident in the water and took my first few strokes !!!

At the end of that afternoon I was so much more confident in the water and was already looking forward to my holiday !

I progressed more on holiday and swam everyday and even went abseiling down into a cave which requires swimming through narrow passageways ! OMG I never thought I would have ever have achieved this …

I just wanted to share this story as sometimes just the smallest thing can spark off the motivation to address the challenge and accept those apprehensions that have stopped you in the past.

I am so proud of myself ! …. Next learning to drive !

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