Not Too Old To Write A Novel

Janet – Contributer

January 2017

Janet a Orpington grandmother publishes 1st novel, age 67

Janet Maile

Janet Maile, a grandmother from Orpington has just had her first novel, Second Genesis, published* at the age of 67.

“I first started writing it in the 1980s when there was a lot of publicity about cryonics,” said Janet.

What, I wondered, would it be like if these people were brought back to life in 2,000 years? I’d had a lot of articles and short stories published but had never attempted a novel before. I didn’t find it easy and it took me the next 30 years to complete it, which I believe is a record.

As well as telling an exciting, action packed story, I wanted to get a message across about the way we lead our lives and what could happen in the future if we continue as we are.

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