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Jill Ladd Not Too Old ToWhen I reached 50 I started having the conversations about doing something ‘out of my comfort zone’ , doing something I have always wanted to do … remembering what I loved as a child etc etc.

I have always been a very busy person and still enjoy playing netball ( I’m still in the younger end of the team ! ) but I had this urge to do something that I may find a bit more difficult to learn and would push my mind and body and confidence … so in 2013 I started ballroom lessons and now I have 8 different dances in my repertoire (!) but have made some really close friends who I would have never had met if I hadn’t taken that decision ! This small step ( pardon the pun ! ) then set me up thinking … what else can I do ?  I overheard someone at work talking about the lunchtime running club and I immediately said enthusiastically – ‘I’ll come along’ ( closely followed by a voice inside my head saying … WHAT ! ) … so I went for my first 5k run with a group of guys from work – needless to say I didn’t run the whole way – but the other runners were so great and had all started similar to myself and they supported me the whole way. I joined them every week and gradually improved – my first aim was to just get round without stopping ! Since then I have also made some really great friends but also completed my first half marathon in October 2016 ( another one of those sign up with enthusiasm and 2 seconds later think…. eeeek – really ? ).

I was then on a roll … within a few months I had started tap dancing classes, kung fu lessons , signed up for a 2 day NLP course and enrolled in a 16 week course to qualify as a level 3 Personal Trainer !

As part of getting involved in new activities and retraining I started talking to people and hearing such great stories and finding so many opportunities around to get involved in anything that may appeal to someone – whether it be sports, arts, singing etc  I just wanted to share it and inspire other people that may need to just take that first step to signing up for something or pushing themselves to achieve something they didn’t realise was in their reach ! You never know where it may lead …. New skills, new friends, new experiences ….

I did a bit of research on the web and the first search I used was  ‘over50 choices’ – that sounded promising – the result I got was ‘ Prepaid funeral plans ‘ !!!!  I immediately thought – we need something positive !!!

There is some great information ‘out there’ and our site attempts to bring some of that information into one place to help people to search for topics of interest or just to get some ideas to start something they had never even thought of !  My favourite part is hearing the personal stories from people who have changed careers , started businesses , finished triathlons , sang at the Albert Hall, passed their pilots licence (!) , studied for an MBA , learnt how to sew , won a medal at a gymnastics competition – the stories are endless and we would like to keep it that way – so please share any stories with us – there is always someone that will be inspired and encouraged to take that first step to embark on a new venture, make new friends and share new experiences ….

About Stacey

Stacey Bell Not Too Old ToWhilst on maternity leave following the birth of my second child, I began thinking a lot about work / life balance and whether commuting in London was something I wanted to continue with.  I enjoyed my job but my life had changed and I decided to look for something new, something different.

It was around this time that Jill had her initial thoughts about Not Too Old To and when she suggested we worked on it together, I was very interested.  Jill and I had worked together when I graduated from Uni and had also played netball together for about 10 years so I knew we could work together.  Starting something new, something I didn’t really know anything about sounded like a great challenge although I wasn’t 100% sure how to manage my time with 2 small children, however Jill is so positive it seemed like a no brainer to just give it a go!

Whilst I can’t keep up with Jill on trying new things, I have got involved in some new activates and rekindled some old ones recently.  I’ve taken up Tai Chi and started Pilates and Swimming again.  I also thought about what I was interested in, especially having young children and decided to look into becoming a School Governor…I’m hoping to be one very soon!

We have spent a lot of time discussing what NOTTOT should be, how the site can inspire and help people to get involved in something new or something they want to love again.  Hopefully we have got it right as a starting point though we are always open to ideas and hope that we can extend and expand the idea over the next few years with input and ideas from our contributors, members and partners.

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