Spotlight on Golfing

In the Spotlight… Golf
Ashley Roberts – Contributer
April 2017

A bit of background about yourself

I͛m Ashley, a 43 year old P.G.A. Qualified Golf Professional at West Malling Golf Club in Kent. My life has been dominated by sport from the moment I could walk to current day.

What are you writing about?


Pilates is an exercise system that improves strength and flexibility, creating more balance and alignment throughout the body.

I always say Pilates is perfect for anyone but it is particularly beneficial if you have a back issue or postural problems.

What inspired you to take on your activity?

I gravitated to golf at the age of thirteen after watching Jack Nicklaus win the US Masters in 1986, I thought ͞if that old duffer can do it so can I͟, and he was 46!

The other sports I played relied on someone else being available to train with, golf was different; all I needed was a club, a ball and an open space. I then found the team side of golf, I was soon a member of my golf clubs junior side, men͛s team, then the county side and finally part of the southern national squad, although I could still train on my own I knew that with each step up the ladder I took I was part of something very special. Golf is the greatest ͚individual͛ team sport on this earth, just watch past Ryder Cups and you͛ll know what I mean. Which other sports have multi-millionaires made off their individual skill competing as a team UNPAID and cry (they always cry) when they secure the victory?

My career is now to teach people to how to play the game and introduce them to all that golf will bring to them:

  • Good clean gentle exercise
  • Meeting similar minded people
  • Enjoying the great outdoors
  • Being part of a club
  • Learning a new skill

I have put the list in order of importance because golf is so much more than the actual art of learning the skill. Golf is about communication, building friendships and having a great time. Whether you become ͚good͛ isn͛t the point of having a go at golf. Some of the worst golfers I know get the most out of golf as they take it for what it is; making lifelong friends, enjoying the walk and then heading to the bar for a coffee or something stronger.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of starting out?

If you͛re thinking about having a go at golf for whatever reason then do a little research and book into a beginners group session. You don͛t need much in the way of equipment to start, just a 7 iron and a driving range; the rest will soon fall into place. Good luck and happy golfing. Ashley

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