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Getting Started


Hello and welcome to Not Too Old To!

It’s our mission and ultimate goal is to inspire and be inspired by people starting new ventures; achieving their goals and ambitions and expanding their horizons.

Our aim with this website is an information hub to share, motivate and support people as they begin and progress, whether it be something new or re-kindling a passion from the past.

So let’s get started!


Not Too Old To Category Icons

We aim to provide information and inspiration on a variety of topics ranging from taking a flying lesson to learning a new language or joining a choir.


We have 6 categories which we think covers everything:


includes volunteering, travelling, bushcraft etc


includes back to school, learn a new language, study for an MBA etc


Change of career, starting a new business etc


Including, sewing, painting, pottery, quilting etc

Performing Arts

Singing, Ballroom Dancing, Amateur Dramatics


including running, football, netball, swimming and much more…


These categories are covered through our sections of Topics, Be inspired and Spotlight…


This section is factual information collected by us from different sources – the available information is endless and we are always looking for people to add to this information and provide reliable sources.

Be Inspired

This is full of stories from individuals with their one stories about why they started something, what they enjoy and the barriers they may have overcome. Please send us any stories that you may have or send our ink to anyone you know who has a story to share!


This is where our experts have the opportunity to write about their passion/expertise and encourage people to try a new class or activity.

We can never have enough information and inspiration and links to ideas about getting involved in activities so please get in touch at… or contact us direct using the contact form.