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Walking Football

Walking football has become increasingly popular and is suitable for people who may have mobility problems which stop them playing faster paced games. Contact your local sports centre to find out if they are offering this service. Find a walking football team in your area at www.walkingfootballunited.co.uk.

Walking Football Players

Set the rules and take it easy

One key to successful football for older people is to keep it informal. The players have other commitments and prefer a weekend festival, or competition, to the hard slog of a league season. The games can be drop-in, and they can be more or less age-limited as the participants agree. They can even be mixed-gender provided there are some rules about contact. Or things can be made more formal and competitive, with age ranges and skill levels specified. Despite this informality, says Reddy, older footballers often seek extra training. “Because they play in a slower and more thoughtful way, they realise that they have a lot to learn.”

( Excerpt from Martin Ince … http://www.saga.co.uk/magazine/health-wellbeing/exercise-fitness/football-for-the-over-50s.aspx )

Inspiration watch this video : http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18380173

Find more information here ….. http://www.walkingfootballunited.co.uk/untitled-c1nhz

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